Because times are still very uncertain at the moment we have decided to not go forward with Hells Race 2021.

See you in 2022 !

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- BAR to BAR Flat Track Racing -

the 5th edition by the association "Flat Tack Belgium" or FTB and is again held at the famous Dirt Track Lelystad, the Netherlands, Talingweg 89, 8218 NX Lelystad.
This beautiful 290m short track is very well maintained and has a campsite right next to the track. There is a canteen with food, drinks and toilets, which makes it easy and affordable to come over AND RACE! Open training from 14:00 till 18:00 on Saturday and after we will have a BBQ with good catering available plus a live band early in the evening. Racing on Sunday is from 10:00am

As spectator you have great overview on the oval, as the sides are raised around the whole track, so there is no excuse to stay home... Come over and support your local race track!

SUNDAY - RACES start from 10:00am

SATURDAY - TRAINING from 14:00 till 18:00

On Saturday evening just after the Training we have a proper BBQ and a live band, so stay close and join in!

We are hosting round 1 of The FLAT TRACK EUROS


PRO CLASS - sponsored by Moto Anatomy
VINTAGE CLASS - sponsored by Sideburn Magazine
HOOLIGAN CLASS - sponsored by Indian Motorcycle

The Purse:
We are working with sponsors and partners to come up with exciting options for winners of the Flat TRack Euros. Right now we have an excellent first prize for the Moto Anatomy Pro Class. The winner will be jumping on board a Moto Anatomy bike at a race meeting out in the USA towards the end of 2021.
Points score for DTRA HOOLIGAN CLASS UK championship #3



Newbie class is where you can try the flat track sport on your old MX, Triumph, Scrambler, Street tracker... it needs to have that flat track feel... but it doesn't need the proper flat track 19 inch wheels and tyres, not sure... send us an email with a picture of your bike (we own the right to refuse your registration with an inappropriate bike) Just unplug your front brake and install a cut off switch (which stalls the bike if you fall) and add a shark fin at the back of your chain. Most important is that your bike is in full technical order ! Or you will not pass scrutineering. Go fast, turn left for a chance!

Newbie is when you are new to the sport, Rookie is when you know what you are doing, AM class you are really good but not a Pro ;-)

There are more race dates at Dirt Track Lelystad

The association "Dutch Flat Track" will be holding a series in cooperation with Dirt Track Lelystad, for more info go to www.dutchflattrack.com

What is Flat Track?

One of the oldest and most traditional discipline of motorcycle racing is flat track - sometimes referred to as “dirt track” racing. While the roots of flat track racing date back to the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until post-World War II that the sport evolved into its current modern structure, a uniquely American type of motorcycle racing. Riders finesse their machines sideways through the turns, just inches apart from each other, at speeds over 130 mph. In short, Flat Track provides one of the most thrilling spectacles in motorsports.

Flat Track is raced on oval tracks:

  • Mile and Half Mile tracks- the big twin framers, putting out 90+ horsepower, race bar-to-bar at speeds in excess of 130 mph.
  • Short Tracks and TT’s - the spirited nature of the single-cylinder production-based 450cc bikes make for races filled with exciting passing.
  • Indoor tracks- very short, even on a concrete surface... spectacle insured!

Flat track racing is making a comeback

Flat track racing has been making a comeback recently, and this is due to a variety of reasons that make the sport unique from others. Flat track racing has an atmosphere all of its own, as most events don’t occur in multi-million dollar arenas but are held more at grass-roots tracks and speedways. Riders also enjoy more longevity in the sport than with other disciplines. Many riders don’t even begin to peak until their thirties as they learn the racetracks, learn their bike’s setup, and work with the same mechanics for years. Also, the fact that riders compete against each other every year creates a very high level of respect among competitors. Flat track racing is intoxicating, and once you get it in your blood, you’re hooked for life.

Flat tracking also differs from other races in its riders’ accessibility. They enjoy a healthy relationship with the fans. People can walk right up on a Sunday afternoon with their kids and get almost anything signed by the racers. Riders hang out in the pits after events and fans can approach them firsthand. You seldom find that rapport anymore in any type of sports. It’s no wonder why many flat trackers are hailed as heroes.

Ps: we have open pits, which means it will be very cool to just stroll along the pits area, get a chance to meet some of the riders, see their bikes from up close... and feel the vibes.

You just don't want to miss out !