You can register untill 26 April

After that date, no more registrations or alterations!

If you want an HR number plate, buy it at once !!! To request an HR number plate, the registrations are open until 12 April

If you want to train on Saturday... same story... register right away !!! This to be able to register with the same race number for training... it just makes it a lot easier for us, so please think before you register, thanks.

If you do not see your race number, register with X, Y, Z and we will try to change your race number or contact you. Mention your official race number with the registration in the announcement or send us an email

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1. Select race and class(es)
Training: Saturday 02/05/20   € 40
Training Saturday
Race: Sunday 03/05/20   € 50 (first), € 25 (extra - maximum 3)
Newbie class
To try out the sport
Rookie class
When you know what you are doing! (2 x 19 inch wheels)
AM class
When you are really good but not a Pro
Thunder class & Twin class
For singles and multies 600cc and up
Mini Bike class
up to 125cc and up to 160cc modified class
Vintage class (Flat Track Euros)
Mostly pre 1970 (No OHC - overhead camshaft types)
Hooligan class (Flat Track Euros)
For twins above 750cc with stock main frame (sub-frame may be modified)
Pro class (Flat Track Euros)
Says it all.. (and we hope to see some framers :)
2. Your details
First name (*) Last name (*) E-mail (*) Street + nr (*) Zipcode (*) City (*) Country (*) Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy) (*) KNMV license number (*) Race number (*) I want to order one (or more) official HELLS number plate(s) € 15